DER GREIF #9 Remix-Performance at COSMOS Arles Books

In order to combine the analog and digital, DER GREIF organises a special happening related to the release of issue 9: Published photographers are invited to work with test-prints of issue 9. They cut out, re-arrange and combine selected images on the analog basis of the test-prints. This process is open to visitors at all times. The re-appropriated and decontextualised image-combinations are then shared through Social Media.

Blank publications with identical sizes and paper as issue 9 are the containers for the newly set image-combinations. Manually produced, these individual publications are the result of this happening.

The event is performed in coherence with the release of #9 at COSMOS Arles Books during the opening week of Les Rencontres d’Arles in July.

Participating Artists:

Emma Bäcklund (London)
Younès Klouche (Lausanne)
Marie Valognes (London)
Constantin Schlachter (Paris)
Lado Lomitashvili (Tbilisi)
Sarah Mei Herman (Amsterdam)

July 8
1.00 pm
COSMOS Arles Performance Website