EMOP Opening Days . Filtering the Future

How are the journalistic practices and codices, today? Are Algorithms omnipotent–what or who is deciding about the relevance and quality of images? How do collectors, artists, and dealers deal with the new possibilities of digital works? Because of the digital evolution, are there new collecting strategies? Print is dead–but why is the market for photo books growing? Still, how important are analogue networks?

Dr. Estelle Blaschke, Art Historian
Simon Karlstetter, Publisher, Der Greif
Severin Matusek, Community Director, EyeEm
Anika Meier, Writer, Monopol
Michael Schulz, Photographer, Berlinstagram
Presentation: Daniel Finger, Journalist, rbb radioeins

September 30
2.00 pm
C/O BERLIN Talk Website