Guest-Room: Katrin Weber

In collaboration with Der Greif, Katrin Weber, director of Munich-based Galerie f5,6 shows her Guest-Room selection in the gallery. It contains 37 images by 37 different photographers. The physical exhibition uses the space of the gallery in order to expand the selection made by Katrin Weber and create a larger perception and context for the images to be seen in.

»Guest-Room« is a monthly online exhibition with open submissions – curated in real-time by outstanding personalities from the international photography scene.

The printed »Guest-Room«-publication is its tangible counterpart. It shows all selected photographs by Guest-Curator Katrin Weber (Gallery f5.6, Munich) – printed on individual sheets.

Katrin Weber curated the online-exhibition from February 11 to February 24,2015.

Concept: Der Greif & Katrin Weber

Curation: Katrin Weber

March 26
12.00 pm
Galerie f5,6 Munich Exhibition Website