HbK Saar Workshop

Der Greif was invited to teach a workshop at HbK Saar for the students of the photography and video-class from Eric Lanz. Working in groups of 3 students each, the participants used images from a collectively created image-pool. They de- and recontextualized single images and re-arranged them in image-combinations. As a final product, they produced a leporello, showing one combination per participant, arranged and sequenced in order to generate a collective publication.


Julia Fritzges
Sarah Niecke
Ida Kammerloch
Tamina Wüst
Hannah Scheiblich
Johanna Schlegel
Mark Wernet
Rachel Mrosek
Julia Pierzina
Severin Kohr
Lukas Ratius
Rosita Hofmann
Jasmin Kaege
Sylvie Felgueiras
Ricarda Herguijuela
Hyeonchae Oh
Jennifer Lubahn

January 18
10.00 am
HbK Saar Workshop Website