Krakow Photomonth Master’s Series

Editors and curators are working with content created by photographers, and gain control over the content, while the photographers let the control go. With the web, one can’t foresee the life of a photographic image.

How do photographers try to maintain control about the use and context of their images, or, in fact, is it still important to have that control? How much can letting control go work for your own work? How does the fact that we still don’t properly understand the relatively young medium, i.e. the Internet, influence the way we talk about and use photographic images – both online and offline?


Federica Chiocchetti (Writer, Photography Critic, Editor and Curator)
Salvatore Vitale (Photographer, Editor-in-Chief YET magazine)
Simon Karlstetter (Artist, Curator, Artistic Director DER GREIF)

May 20
6.00 pm
Krakow Talk Website