Nuit de l’Année, Les Rencontres d’Arles

Der Greif has been envited to show an edit of photos from their new jubilee-issue #10 as a remix during the Nuit de l’Année at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2017. This recreates the atmosphere of the issue, yet takes its viewers beyond and absorbs them into the inspiring, associative worlds of Der Greif.

The unmissable festive event »Nuit de l’Année« of the opening week is a photo walk featuring around 40 proposals —in which the festival’s favorite artists and photographers and institutions were given carte blanche—projected in loops on six screens.

Der Greif – Organization for Contemporary Photography

»Remixed Sequence from Der Greif Issue 10«


Photographers (in order of appearance):

Nicholas Albrecht

Ivan Arkhipkin »Sunrise«, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Peter Puklus »Portrait of the Father (Bedpost nr II.)«, New York, USA 2016

Jannike Stelling »Greenishblue House«

Jennifer Garza-Cuen »Untitled – Ranch Hand«, Buffalo, WY, USA 2016

Johno Mellish »Evidence of disturbance«

Balazs Fromm

Vincent Duault from »Hypertime«

Allyssa Heuze

Anna Reivilä from »Bond«

Arseni Khamzin

Rachel Jump »Bacchus and Philemon«, Holderness, NH, USA 2016

Justin Ma »Bonded«, Brisbane, Australia 2017

Joseph R Webb »Exposure 06«, Philadelphia, USA 2017

Tania Franco Klein »The Car«, Mexico City, Mexico 2016

Johann Husser from »Our Only True Life Is In The Future«, Dortmund, Germany 2016

Maja A. Ngom from »All that they hide from themselves would be revealed to them.«

Jason Koxvold from »Truth«

Juan Stockenstroom from »Otherness«

Ozge Cone

Barbara Rossi from »Changing Landscape«

Pavel Bukreev »Ndeko«, Moscow, Russia 2017

Alan Gignoux from »A Journey through The Tar Sands«

Alexander Gehring »Hand«

Marcel Borowski from »Vadatajs has no body«

Aaron Bradbrook »Emma J Hawkins and Unicorn« from »The Working Class«, Adelaide, Australia 2016

Aleksei Kazantsev, Belgium

Rebecca Topakian from »Gulizar and other stories«, Armenia 2017

Maarten Kools

Lee Stitt »Moreux«

Jewro »Shamanic dance«, Siberia, Russia 2016

Daren You »Road«

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens from »Greina – between borders«

Dirk Müggenburg 2016

Fabrizio Albertini from »Radici«

Anne Erhard, Germany 2015

Sjoerd Knibbeler »Modell E« 2017

Alberto Sinigaglia »Teapot MET« 2015

Justine Tjallinks


Music by

Simon Karlstetter

July 7
9.00 pm
Les Rencontres d'Arles Exhibition Website