Installation-view, (Un)filtered Scenarios, SITUATIONS Fotomuseum Winterthur

(Un)filtered Scenarios

»(Un)filtered Scenarios« is an experiment inquiring the selection process through the dynamics of net-based distribution.

Breaking with the idea of single-person authorship, the project uses a »chain letter« email that invites individuals to participate in the selection of images for the online exhibition by choosing one image from the open call. The email is sent to four initial participants, continuing its path as the invitees are asked to forward the email to two further participants once they have made their choice.

The chosen images are displayed in an online exhibition on this website. The selection process is anonymized, but participants are asked to fill out a form including standard social categories like gender, age or occupation. They are also asked to leave a personal note on why they chose the image. Fotomuseum visualizes the filters and displays the personal, possibly structural narratives that unfold around the process of distributed image selection.

Physical Exhibition at SITUATIONS:

Screen, Audio-Installation, Projection

Online Exhibition:

Selected images, Map

September 16
10.00 am
SITUATIONS, Fotomuseum Winterthur Exhibition Website