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Selection by Willumeit


April 07, 2016

Tracie Williams Half Truths, Artesia, New Mexico, 2015

»Crisis? What Crisis?!« is the main theme of the 14th edition of Krakow Photomonth of which I am the chief curator for this year’s edition. It takes place from 12 May to 12 June 2016 and this opening post of my Guest Room also serves as an invitation to all readers to join us in Krakow to explore and participate in the festival. The posts over the next two weeks will attempt to loosly trace and relate to some of the concepts pointed out below through a selection from the 4182 entries of the open call.

The point of departure for this year’s Photomonth festival program was the conviction that a crisis is not a transitional phase or an anomaly, but a characteristic trait of everyday life, a permanent state with which we must cope in practically all spheres of our lives: private, public, and global. Political, economic, environmental, and migration crises concern us to the same degree as crises of identity, trust, and »individuality« in a globalized world.

I am also very happy that the team of DER GREIF are joining in with a new installment of their experimental exhibition project A Process 2.0 as part of the festival!

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