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Guest Room: Katrin Weber

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Jul 24, 2017

Meetings with Remarkable People #5: Mattia Parodi & Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Piergiorgio Sorgetti and Mattia Parodi’s ongoing series “La Ferita” (i.e. The Wound) is a poetical archeology of the everyday in which the city and the landscape are treated as the...

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  • In »The Erratics« Darren Harvey-Regan presents us with two types of images – landscapes and still lives – showing rocks of the same material: chalk. More in @sjoerdknibbeler Artist Blog. 
  • @jeroen.bocken questions the role of technology as a tool for evoking an idealist world designed by human calculations and theories. Take a seat and find out more in @sjoerdknibbeler's Artist Blog on
  • @sjoerdknibbeler's »Lunacy« examines the fundamental human desire for exploration: A Faustian restlessness driving our advances into the realm beyond planet Earth. 
The image above is part of DER GREIF 10.
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  • Between 1995 and 2007 @jo.broughton documented empty porn sets by photographing them after filming was over and everyone was gone. More 🎈on @francescacatastini's Artist Blog on
  • Lily Lulay is using different types of photographic images as her raw material and dissects them into their bare elements of structure and colour. More 🗞 in @francescacatastini Artist Blog on
  • @francescacatastini's »The Modern Spirit is Vivisective« ventures into the history of the study of anatomy to reflect on the role of vision in the graph of power and knowledge in Western culture. The image above is part of the recently released DER GREIF 10.
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