Der Greif #1

The first issue evolves from an initiative from Felix von Scheffer and Simon Karlstetter in only two weeks in the beginning of July 2008. All 25 photographers and authors are from the Ammersee-region. Advertising-free concept and combination of the works is the main subject from the beginning. The first issue is sold out since March 2010.

Sponsors: Sparkasse Landsberg-Dießen, Go In, Schubert International, Optik Koch, Line-Up Shop, Hubertus Apotheke Dießen, Allianz Generalagentur Thomas Hoering, Küchenstudio Beausencourt, Café EssensArt, Helfried Gast, Schmuckwerk
Print: Grabo Druck, Inning am Ammersee
Curation: Felix von Scheffer, Simon Karlstetter
Layout: Simon Karlstetter, Felix von Scheffer

Product Information

25 x 35 cm | 50 pages
Print run: 1000

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