Der Greif Schmiede Spezial

In October 2009, Der Greif produces – invited by Rüdiger Wassibauer, head and initiator of Schmiede Hallein – its first special issue. The participating artists of the festival are invited to submit works, the editors combine them in form of a poster-magazine in an emotional documentation of the 10 festival-days. The special issue unites the diverse elements of the festival in three folded posters.

Sponsor: Schmiede Hallein
Print: Grabo Druck, Inning am Ammersee
Curation: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner
Layout: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner

Product Information

50 x 35 cm
Postermagazine / 3 Posters
Print run: 500
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