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Upload your own version of “Der Greif #13 – Surplus Management”

Sep 10, 2020 - Redaktion

As guest editor of Der Greif Issue 13, Penelope Umbrico launched an open call for images of surplus. Requesting images that could be combined with others, she strung them together to create a new space within these pages. Here multiple individual images have become one collective space: global points of local views are localized into a singular global view. Umbrico sequences these images to create an underlying narrative around order and disorder that registers our human relationship to the objects we make.

Featuring the work of 45 photographers and artists. Each image is numbered in order of appearance in the sequence, but the pages are intentionally unbound, allowing them to easily become out of order upon viewing.

Der Greif issue 13 is printed on surplus paper found at the printer.

Call for entries

We invite you to read the intentionally unbound issue and document how it falls apart, becomes out of order and how you create a new order.

Follow these 4 simple steps to take part:

  • Get your copy of Der Greif issue 13 (Order through this link and a 20% discount will be applied automatically during checkout)
  • Rearrange the loose sheets of the publication. Take 1 to 5 photos. Be creative.
  • Upload 1 – 5 photos here. Don’t forget to add your name and email address to the upload – but keep the date and time in the upload title – see video.
  • Name your files and click “Done with my uploads”.

The uploaded images will be reviewed by Penelope Umbrico and the team of Der Greif. Selected images will then be published in a resolution of 1500px right here on dergreif.org/special/13

Submit your version of “Surplus Management”