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Barry Stone "DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA" 37 color plates printed on matte paper. Cloth-wrapped hardcover with photographic tip-in. Printed by Longo.

Barry Stone – DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA – Longo

Aug 30, 2017 - Barry Stone

DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA, combines original and ‘glitched’ photographs with code from their digital image files, the interactions among which eerily cohere to create a discourse about photographic perception, information, and chance operations.


The book’s title, DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA, is an anagram of „BAILEY ISLAND, MAINE“, where the source photographs were taken. This place, a tiny stretch of coastline is incessantly transformed by the interactions of fog, sun, and tides. When the tide goes out, a rocky field of seaweed is revealed. To walk across it is to traverse the ocean floor in the open air. It is a magical place, and for seven summers Barry Stone has watched his children grow and change against this backdrop. Photographs put up a feeble defense against the passage of time: the still image halts the waves from breaking, only to paradoxically heighten our awareness of their inevitable movement forward.

The raw code of a digital photograph also forms a kind of picture, expressed as a field of symbols. Like an anagram, these symbols can be rearranged and purposely disordered. And just as chemicals might form stains on film, digital disorder can create gestural aberrations endemic to the image’s constituent material.

The resulting publication represents a fantasy of fatherhood, endless horizons, and malleable realities.

Barry Stone lives and works in Austin, Texas. He is an Associate Professor of Photography at the School of Art and Design at Texas State University. He is a member of the founder of Lake Were Rivers, a contributing artist to Space and Time and represented by Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery in New York and Art Palace in Huston, Texas.


In 2001 he received a Master of Fine Art in Studio Art, The University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in Photography and in 1993 a Bachelor of Arts, Biology. The University of Texas at Austin. His work has been exhibited at the International Centre for Photography and Artist’s Space in New York, at the Austin Museum of Art in Austin, Texas and at the Lawndale Art Centre in Huston, Texas. Recent exhibitions include New Weather Weaves New Garments, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA, Hum, Lamar Dodd Gallery, Athens, GA, and Mine.Yours.Ours- Contemporary Video and Photography of the American Landscape at the Centre for Photography in Woodstock, NY. His work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA is his first monograph.