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HfbK Hamburg – 26 Lessons – Klasse für Fotografie Broomberg/Chanarin

How do you say goodbye to one of your divorced parents? What is the final gesture you show them? And what is that we, the Class of Photography HFBK Hamburg wish from Oliver Chanarin, whose time as our professor comes to an end this semester?
Like all break-up children certainly something to hold on to. A feeling of security. A feeling of guidance.
Especially in these confusing and perhaps little overwhelming times…
Times of constant re-evaluation of positions of both makers and viewers of photographs. We want something that lasts, that can navigate us through the complex terrain of authorship, consent, love and violence.
What then started as an idea for a book, a manual for contemporary photography, became 26 Lessons for ourselves.

So the work began:
Studying. Reading, thinking, talking, working, dancing, suffering. Actually sitting down and getting into it. No shortcuts, no half attempts. Half attempts and experiments. Contradicting each other, contradicting oneself. Three steps forward, two steps back. Feeling a desire for collective self-development. Sharing images, stories and lessons.
Making a book.
Determining what needs to be done, learning how to get there. Creating drafts that are shit. Creating more drafts, less shit. Being overfilled and underwhelmed, uninspired and overwhelmed. Getting lost in the maze of uncertainties and drowning in a sea of doubt. Trusting another and allowing ourselves to explore tangents. Reworking and rearranging, sequencing images and thoughts, creating contexts. Ripping everything apart, looking at the outcome. Trying to understand, no further objectives. Studying.

26 Lessons by the Class of Photography HFBK Hamburg led by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin will be launched on the 11th of February in the context of the Jahresausstellung at HFBK Hamburg.
Available online after the Book Launch on the website of Material Verlag:

With works by:
Ann-Sophie Krüger, Aras Gökten, Avi Bolotinsky, Ayse Hilal Ates, Celia Zehetgruber, Charlotte Spiegelfeld, Ching Wei Bai, Elisa Maria Zeisler, Hakan Sinan Usta, Jonas Borinski, Lena Kunz, Leon Schweer, Luise Hamm, Malin Dorn, Manda Steinhauser, Mark Morris, Matthias Rebaschus, Max Dreßen, Max Schwarzmann, Maximilian Glas, Monika Orpik, Pohan Chiu, Sanja Zdrnja, Sebastian Stern, Yuwen Huang.
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Malin Dorn
Luise Hamm
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Malin Dorn
Sebastian Stern
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Sebastian Stern
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Avi Bolotinsky
Rendering of the book
Malin Dorn