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Minimum Studio: Day 1, session 1 –Diane Smyth

Momentum at Minimum

May 02, 2018 - Gita Cooper-van Ingen

Minimum & Der Greif have collaborated on an open call where the theme is loosely based on migration. The aim is to explore the concept and representation of migration. ”The Latin word “mōmentum” means movement, but also motion, change, revolution, moment, circumstance, importance, influence. In physics, momentum is instead the product of the mass and velocity of an object or a person.” The selected images will be printed to be part of an installation at MINIMUM Studio in Palermo (Sicily – Italy) as well as being featured here. As soon as a picture is chosen by the judge, it is printed and shown at Minimum Studio in Palermo. The selected images form an installation exhibited inside a window-display in the courtyard of the studio that is open to the public. As soon as the window-display is full, another print was placed over the first layer, and so on.  The installation is curated by Simone Sapienza (Minimum).

The jurors are:
Diane Smyth

Digital Editor of British Journal of Photography
Marina Paulenka
Director of Organ Vida Festival
Salvatore Vitale

Photographer and editor-in-chief of YET Magazine



Every juror’s session is archived here.

1st session at Minimum, Diane Smyth, 20/04 – 30/04;
2nd session at Minimum, Marina Paulenka, 02/05 – 09/05;
3rd session at Minimum, Salvatore Vitale, 10/05 – 17/05.
“Mōmentum” will be also displayed during “Mo[t]us Operandi”, a collateral event of Manifestacontemporary art biennial in Palermo. “Mo[t]us Operandi” is organised and curated by Minimum and it will take place in June 2018 in Palermo.

Session I – Diane Smyth




Opening event at Minimum of the installation in collaboration with Der Greif. Minimum is a cultural association that promotes photography and visual image.


Session II – Marina Paulenka




Session III – Salvatore Vitale