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Der Greif #10 – Jubilee-issue

Issue #10 of Der Greif marks almost a decade of the organization. There’s no subject to the submissions. For issue 10, there's an optional submission fee of 5 Euros.

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Guest Room: Diane Smyth

Diane Smyth is the digital editor of the British Journal of Photography. In addition to the online-exhibition at Der Greif, she will present selected artists' work from the »Guest Room« with a more in-depth view at BJP online.

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Open Calls hosted by Picter

All Der Greif calls are run through Picter, a new platform for photography submissions. Picter provides professional photographers and organizations a platform to manage and submit photography submissions with easy and streamlined processes. Based in Germany, Picter is made by a dedicated team of photography enthusiasts (including the founders of Der Greif) who want to improve the way submissions are managed, making it easier for artists around the world to show their work and for organizations to discover them.

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