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Feb 18, 2020

Postcards from Pachamama

Here’s an install shot of my featured series, Postcards from Pachamama from my Masters show last year. Peace out.



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  • This week we invited @dustinthierry to introduce his series „Opulence“ a documentation about the LGBTQ Ballroom scene across Europe. Find out more in Artist Feature on

This image is part of »Guest Room: Fiona Rogers«.
  • It’s been about time: we can finally announce our guest editor for issue 13: we’re thrilled to be hosting Penelope Umbrico and to announce the related open call!

@penelopeumbrico wants to see photographic images of surplus: surplus paper; surplus office furniture; surplus office supplies and equipment; electronic and technological surplus; architectural spaces and/or containers that hold surplus…

Submissions hosted on @picter_com
Deadline March 30 📸 by @cory.rice_

@simon_robert_l @ricci_claudio @gcvi #dergreif #opencall #submissions #issue13 #contemporaryphotography #penelopeumbrico
  • „a celebration of sensuality as well as a critique of exoticisation and humanity’s dislocation from nature, paper-collaging digital photographs of nudes into my 35mm images of Latin America.“ @jessybooncowler’s body of work »Postcards from Pachamama in this weeks Artist Feature on

This image is part of »Guest Room: Tristan Lund«
  • "We have asked each other, as friends and photographers, “What is it like there, for you?” and answered with photographs of ten everyday objects." @hana_sackler about her project »Some Other Place« which is an attempt at undoing distance, using photographs and audio as a point of connection and investigation, across oceans and continents.

This Project is made with her photo collective @scalenocollective including Leslie Hickey (@hoarfrostpress) and Ana Lía Orézzoli (@analiapop). Find out more in Artist Blog on
  • "As a #hunter uses the familiar #sounds of game calls in order to draw #prey closer to danger, we too are pulled in by the gradually intensifying sequence of #audio and #visualstimuli. "

@hana_sackler introduces »Game Call« a three-part video that is part of here project "Here, right now". Discover more in Artist Blog on
  • „In photographs, audio, and video, the lines of reality are blurred and we are left dangling somewhere between a daydream and the present moment.“ @hana_sackler about her series »Here, right now«. This week in Artist Feature. More on

This Image is part of Issue 12. Get your copy here: Link in Bio