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Jul 23, 2019

State of Identity

In the series ‘State of Identity’ I portray young people who are in search of their gender identity and who are in the process of physical transition. The focus is not on the physical transitio...

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  • Artist Feature Showcase – August 2019
- »Aninha, Soulemane & Anna« by Sarah Mei Herman (@sarahmeiherman)
- "I was commissioned by Boycott Magazine and Hyères Festival 2019 to produce a fashion series with clothing by Lacoste. I had four models to work with and "carte blanche". This series was published in a special festival journal called Bons Baisers de Hyères 2019.
I shot this series at the end of April 2019 at Île du Levant, South of France. 
Artistic direction by Nataniel N.M.Robert
Styling by Simon Pylyser
Clothing by Lacoste
Aninha / City Models
Anna/ Elite Models
Soulemane / 16Men
Goya / New Madison Models
Grooming by Elodie Toucas
Concept & production Vaadigm
  • Artist Feature Showcase – August 2019
- »Alvalade« by Frederico Clavarino (@federicoclavarino)
The area now called Alvalade was mainly agricultural land before the 1940s. Alvalade was to be the first neighbourhood in the city that would adhere to modernist criteria of urbanisation. It was to embody together the dream of a modern Lisbon and the idea of order the regime was interested in promoting. The most recent theories in urbanism were there mixed together and translated into a traditionalist aesthetics capable to digest it all. The neighbourhood was meant to house all of the social classes into different kinds of housing around eight different schools. ⁣
⁣Alvalade today is a rather peaceful place, although quite a few things have changed. An airport was built next to it, and planes carrying mostly tourists land and depart every 4 or 5 minutes, flying low over people’s homes. The old apartments meant for the poor have increased in value, but are still too small to be interesting for the upper class, still lodged into the larger houses on the other side of Avenida de Roma.

Teenagers meet here and there after school, in little clusters. There is green everywhere: trees, flowers, little gardens in between buildings. ⁣
⁣Federico Clavarino’s interest lies in how the past and the present overlap and interfere with each other, discrediting the idea of a linear progress; in how objects, images and gestures embody ideology; in how the invisible forces of political imagination shape the visible world and yet cannot fully control the everyday reality that is made by those who in fact inhabit spaces.
  • Artist Feature Showcase – August 2019
- »Bower Bird Blues« by Ying Ang (@yingang)
The journey through "matrescence" – the physical, psychological and social transition that happens to women during motherhood– is one of extraordinary metamorphosis and challenge. Unlike the rituals and stories of adolescence, matrescence is largely overlooked as a developmental stage of the human experience. Seen as women’s work and often mundane in the annals of art and literature, the period of matrescence is complex and layered, a time where female bodies and relationships are taxed, brain chemistry changed and self- identity completely altered. Bower Bird Blues is about my own experience of the claustrophobia, paradoxical loneliness, depression and luminance of this transformative time. Motherhood is deeply physiological and also taps into the most animalistic, intuitive and sacrificial parts of our psyche. I have exploded through limits I never knew I had, breathing thin air, metabolism slowed to famine mode, brain dialed down to pinpoint focus on only one thing. Make life endure.
Now, at last, the truth
Blood magic
I grew, divided, became two.
Shed skin, old ghosts
Scaled form emerged, 
Sinuous, anew.
  • Artist Feature Showcase – August 2019
- »Trophies« by Simone Bergantini (@simone_bergantini_artworks)
Competition is one of the key elements for evolution. The Latin words cum (together) and petere (go towards) embrace the deep meaning of the evolutionary challenge. It is not about winning, loosing or taking part rather feeding the imagination in order to explore the future. Being aware of it causes the loss of fascination with medals and awards. The finish and the start line always match, winning and loosing leave a mark just for a given moment. The images of this serie, realized by disassemble and reassemble old trophies according to this fluid vision, become objects of desire, proofs of a route where each goal celebrates and preserves new possible connections.
  • Artist Feature Showcase – August 2019
- »Marker« by Sheung Yiu (@sheungyiuphoto)
British physicist Arthur Worthington began studying the complex process of fluid flow before the invention of photography. To capture the splash of a drop, a process too quick for the naked eye to see clearly, Worthington devised a meticulous observation procedure. Comprised of electromagnets and mechanical parts, the system will let a drop of definite size fall from a definite height and simultaneously triggered a flash of light of exceedingly short durations. In a dim laboratory, Worthington would rely on the strong flash to ‘freeze’ the splash long enough for the eye to attend. Relying on the latent images pressed into his retina, he would draw out the pattern. He would repeat the procedure, adjust the system to let a drop fall at different heights until he has observed the complete process. Illustrated is his findings are series after series of perfectly symmetrical patterns. - 
Consumer-grade 3D modelling software nowadays have the ability to simulate fluid dynamic easily and create photorealistic renderings of water. This software often borrows the same algorithm from scientific researches to calculate the simulations. Blender specifically uses the Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) technique to solve the particles fluid equations. The model was initially developed for astrophysical problems, simulating galaxy formation and stellar collisions. This project simulates Worthington well-documented experiment from his book ’Study of A Splash’ using 3D modelling software.
  • Artist Feature Showcase – August 2019
- »Cruz« by Patrick Gookin (@patrickgookin)
Cruz (2019) is a series of still life pictures stemming from my own mid-life anxieties around domesticity, boredom and loneliness. Occupied equally with beauty as they are with the grotesqueness of accumulation, these pictures speak to the uncanny gravity of being a human and looking for meaning in the material world.