Der Greif #9

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Guest Room: Katrin Weber

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A Process

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Artist Blog

Feb 27, 2017


In the above gallery I have included images of some of the photobooks I have and return to most often.


Marianne Bjornmyr – ...

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  • @clemensfantur gave us a peek into @davidfavrod's series »Hikari«. A reconstructed war story based on the memories of David's grandparents. 
More 🍉 in Artist Blog on
  • @clemensfantur paired a selection of photographs with matching music. 
Here an image by @albdorf from the series »I know I will see«.# 💽 @oneohtrixpointnever 
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Aurora Cordial is the diary of a journey to the Philippines, in which @clemensfantur collects impressions, encounters, discoveries and thoughts. More in Artist Feature.
The image above is part of DER GREIF 9. Get your copy at
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@sindarellla's practice is questioning the traditions of landscape and still life photography. Her images are a visual interplay between representation and abstraction. More in Marjolaine Gallet's Artist Blog on
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@marcoscozzaro's practice focuses on photography, music, installation, and video. His series »Digital Deli« is featured by @marjogallet in Artist Blog on
  • »Archival Studies« by @marjogallet is a project investigating family photographic material using photographs taken by her father, from his earliest work as a teenager in the early 70s until he gradually stopped taking pictures in the late 90s.
The Image above is part of DER GREIF 9. More in Artist Feature on
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