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Dec 24, 2019


Nightfall is also an ongoing project I started a couple of years ago. I only shoot these night images when I am in Canada or the US. Usually, I shoot with my 6×6.


I drive ...

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  • "It was hard to change the roll with all the fog blown in there, the extreme loudness and the sweat of the bass player dripping down on me.." @carolinleszczinski in Artist Blog on
  • In Artist Blog @carolinleszczinski introduces #occultphotography, a booklet from the British artist #BenCottrell "Occult Photography is an ongoing series of work that explore the dynamic relations between nature and culture, cliche and myth, production and consumption." More 👁️ on
  • "I got my #YashicaT5 and went crazy! (...) It is a very personal work about my life at that time in Berlin." @carolinleszczinski about her series »Pleasure Forever« in Artist Feature on

This Image is part of Issue 12. Get your copy now! Link in Bio
  • from Artist Blog »You From Afar« by @tylerlandes. More 🌿in Artist Feature on
  • @tylerlandes body of work »Swear (Self-portrait)« „aims to question the privacy and perversions of your neighbors“. Find out more in Artist Feature on

This image is part of Issue 12. Get your copy here: Link in Bio
  • "With the understanding that our ongoing wars in the #MiddleEast were initiated as a business concern, I was interested in the spaces in which power is brokered"

More in Artist Blog »On #Capital, #Fascism, and #Consumerism« on by Jason Koxvold (@kox)