Der Greif #9

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Guest Room: Katrin Weber

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A Process

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Artist Blog

Mar 23, 2017

The Moon Belongs to Everyone Maquettes

To resolve the design of the artist book, The Moon Belongs to Everyone, I attended several bookmaking workshops.  Making various types of books by hand meant that I could physically grasp t...

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  • »Flux« is a project that aimed to find a common ground between @ignasicasas and @johnmgribben, the two photographers involved.
The image above is part of DER GREIF 9 and therefore displayed in our weekly Artist Feature on
  • In in Yves Klein's performance Anthropométries de l’époque bleue (1960), Models created paintings according to artist directions by pressing their painted bodies directly on the canvas. This reminded @noorasandgren of archaic human images. More 🔵 in Artist Blog on
  • @studioolafureliasson & @ma_yansong_mad — »Feelings are facts« creates a new awareness of sensing color. More on the challenges of media art in @noorasandgren's Artist Blog on
  • How to capture the wind blowing so hard you'll get tears in your eyes?
For »Fluid Being« @noorasandgren uses her father's light sensitive papers from the 70s and letting the natural light, her bodily movements and seasonal conditions around her create ethereal images.
The image above is part of DER GREIF 9!
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  • In Iran, more than two decades later, images of men, martyrs and witnesses of the Iran-Iraq war are still fading in the streets. More in @hodaafshar's Artist Blog on
  • For »Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave me Thirsty« @maxpinckers not only travelled to India. 
Find out more in @hodaafshar's Artist Blog on