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Dec 13, 2019

“Why” by Bob Flanagan, 1985


Because it feels good.

Because it gives me an erection.

Because it makes me come.

Because I’m sick.

Because there was so much sickness.

Because ...

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  • "I had told Janet, usually shy and with her hair pulled back, beforehand about who she was going to represent and there she was coming down the driveway with a long strong stride and her hair uncombed."
Artist Blog »The Oath Administrator« by @nuraqureshi
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  • "During the Emergency, the British Military introduced moving gallows to hang Mau Mau suspects. The only remnant of the gallows existence is this copy of a photograph." Find out more in @nuraqureshi Artist Blog »Moving Gallows« on
  • »Are You Calling Me A Dog?« by @nuraqureshi reimagines the history of the Mau Mau Rebellion against British colonialism in Kenya.
„Using film and digital landscape and portrait photography this series recreates scenes from the most prolonged anti-colonial struggle in British Kenya.“
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  • @nhubicki introduces the work of @yorgos.theodoropoulos as "a lightness of touch, an ambiguity and the yearning for something elusive from the evanescent quotidian." See more of Nicholas Hubicki's Artist Blog on
  • "... What happens, however, when the site or object documented is yet to attain a broader socio-cultural signification than the simple recording of the site or object itself?" in »Clairvoyance« @nhubicki talks about Photography and its manifold relationship to documentation. 
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  • "The society of control achieves perfection when its inhabitants do not communicate because of external constraint but out of inner need—that is, when the fear of giving up a private and intimate sphere yields to the need to put oneself on display shamelessly." @nhubicki about his series »Realitysux« in Artist Feature on

This Image is part of Issue 12. Get your copy now! Link in bio